Our resins are chemically very similar to a glue like material when mixed. Like many household chemicals such as bleaches, cleaners, paints and glues they are all chemically based and need to be handled with care accordingly.

As a glue like material it can irritate the skin, and can damage your eyes. For those reasons we strongly recommend wearing gloves when using the resin and colorant as is demonstrated in our video at We also recommend the use of safety glasses to avoid splashes getting into your eyes. For first aid please refer to the MSDS. Work in a well ventilated area.

Should the product contact your eyes, flush repeatedly with water, do not rub, and seek immediate medical attention. Our materials offer some new exciting effects, and with your creativity the results will be spectacular.

Download the Marterial Safty Data Sheets (MSDS)

# MSDS Sheet Name Download Link
1 Artist Grade Epoxy Resin Resin Part A MSDS Download
2 Artist Grade Epoxy Resin Hardener Part B MSDS Download
3 Gallery Grade Epoxy Resin Part A MSDS Download
4 Gallery Grade Epoxy Harderner Part B MSDS Download
5 Epoxy Resin Colorants MSDS Download