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COLOR SHIFTING - Resin Epoxy Colorant Systems

We're excited to introduce Epoxy Resin Colorants Set. Engineered to compliment our Artist Grade and Gallery Grade epoxy resins.

Available in

Box Sets

Single Bottles

Easy Color Mixing Guide

1 1/2 tsp per Resin Ounce
2 1 tsp per Resin Ounce
3 1 1/2 tsp per Resin Ounce

So you can focus on the art, we've put a lot of thought into our products, making the mixing instructions as simple as we can. Suggested loading level. Look for the orange number on the bottle, 1, 2, or 3.

Naturalis Resin Colorants Sets

Sets Include:


RED GOLD - Shifting Resin Colorant:Naturalis-Shift Autumnal Red Gold 1 oz
BLUE RED - Shifting Resin Colorant:Naturalis-Shift Dragon Fly Wing Blue 1 oz
GOLD GREEN - Shifting Resin Colorant:Naturalis-Shift Lustrous Gold Green 1 oz
RED ORANGE - Shifting Resin Colorant:Naturalis-Shift Warm Winter Red Violet 1 oz
BLACK - Shifting Resin Colorant: Naturalis-Shift Accented Shimmer Black 1 oz
WHITE - Shifting Resin Colorant: Naturalis-Shift Glistening Pebble White 1 oz
Artistic Pour of epoxy resin colorant

Also Included

Instructions, Measuring Spoon, Safety Glasses, 2 x Gloves